baby post: nursery reveal!

hey guys!

so, i still need to host the ‘virtual baby shower’ but a few people requested an extension, so i’m pushing is back for now.  in other news, TORIN IS ALMOST HERE. like, what?! why did time speed up so fast??


33 week ultrasound, with a head measuring 2 weeks ahead.

we’re just about ready for her arrival, which is still tentatively january 16, 2016, but little girl is measuring big and the doctor seems to think barbara wont be baking that long!  so far, barbara has LOVED pregnancy.  so much so, that, if were to have trouble becoming pregnant, she gladly accepted the position to carry twice. her first trimester was filled with nausea and a few food aversions, mostly meat, but other than that, this whole pregnancy has been enjoyable. this weekend we organized the last few things, including putting together the car seat and that’s when it really got real:  TORIN IS ABOUT TO BE HERE!


just waiting on baby torin!

i receive A LOT of questions about how we decided on barbara carrying first, the whole insemination process, and plans for the future, so i may type something up on that whole process. we’ve definitely learned-as-we-go, which hasn’t always been easy.

SO, lets talk about all the fun stuff that has been going on baby related, like baby showers and nursery decorating! i’ll talk about baby showers later, since we had multiple and many pictures were taken! i talked about plans of the nursery awhile back, so, now with everything done, i wanted to show our plans versus reality!

so, if you remember, here are a few collages/inspiration photos of what we had in mind; pinterest was very helpful in the planning stages:

color inspopink gold gray

gray with pink tassles

accessories 2accessories 1

and here is the finished product:




crib area

crib | quilt (handmade) | name banner | dream catcher/mobile


teepee and glider

polka dot wall decal | teepee (handmade) | heirloom bear blanket | side table | glider | crochet cacti 


dresser and changing area

dresser| knobs | changing pad cover | deer head | sound machine | diaper cart | lantern

 print | print | print


reading area

tassel garland | picture/book ledge | i love you night light

we’re SO, SO happy with how it turned out. its cozy yet spacious and filled with items/patterns but still calming.  barbara and i find ourselves sitting in there for hours just talking, which i love.  i seriously cannot wait to have it filled with our sweet baby girl.

i’ll stop back in later this week with baby shower recaps and will hopefully be posting about the “virtual baby shower” soon, as well!  we’ve been overwhelmed with all the love and support we’ve received regarding our sweet baby girl and cannot thank everyone enough for everything they have done for us!

thanks for hanging around!

Q: do you like decorating?  what was the last room you decorated?

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