weight loss

this weight loss page will be dedicated to tracking all my progress from beginning to goal, whatever that actual number will be; my guess is its around 180-195 lbs.

august 12, 2013


notes:  this was the start of the advocare 24 day challenge cleanse phase.



august 21, 2013


notes: this was at the end of my advocare 24 day challenge cleanse phase. the cleanse was 10 days long, hence the random 10 day weigh-in.

pictures: i’m holding off on posting my  ‘real’ before and after pictures until after the entire challenge is complete.  they aren’t the most flattering (you see stomach) and i’d rather not post them unless the difference is really noticeable.

september 5, 2013


notes: this was at the end of my advocare 24 day challenge  max phase.


photo 1

july 30, 2014

current weight: 255

notes: well, its been a long time since my last update!  i’ll update measurements later!

pictures: here ya go!


september 22, 2014


october 9, 2014


february 2015

303+ lbs vs 230 lbs

photo 1

photo 2

6 thoughts on “weight loss

    • awesome! let me know if you need any help during!! my distributor was awesome and gave me quite a few recipes and workouts that i’m sure shed love to pass on to you!

  1. Congrats!!! This is awesome. I’m on the 4th day of the challenge with my husband. If you have any points that would be great!!! We’re trying to do the best we can but don’t want to get stuck in a rut of what we eat.

    • hey there! go for you for doing the challenge! I loved it! I got into a little bit of a rut with the eating, just because I didn’t want food prep to take up all my free time. lunches were usually fish or chicken with green beans and asparagus, because that was easy to cook ahead. dinners I tried to switch it up and would do turkey sliders with roasted green beans, personal pizzas using whole wheat wraps (with sugar free bbq sauce and chicken), bison stuffed peppers, quinoa fried rice, chipotle salad bowls.. let me know if you need anything else! i’m happy to give any suggestions!

      • Did you have any foods you did for breakfast? I’m having a hard time with the shakes. I don’ t know if it’s the consistency or what. It makes me what to gag. I’m a carb lover through and through and have been having a hard time without my pasta or bread. Thank you!!!!

      • hmmm.. I do protein shakes a lot cause theyre usually so easy (and I didn’t mind the there consistency), but you can try some cream of rice and some eggs on the side, turkey-egg-whole wheat English muffins, breakfast burritos on a whole wheat wrap with salsa. i’m a carb lover as well, but I figured 24 days was a short enough period that I could cut them out a bit.

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