sunshine award!

hi!  while i was catching up on some blogs this morning, i realized i was nominated for the sunshine award by janetha!  thanks, janetha!  i think this is a fun little award and perfect for a friday!  so here is goes..



  1. Include award logo in a post or on your blog.
  2. Link to the person who nominated you.
  3. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  4. Nominate 10 bloggers to receive the award and ask them 10 questions.

here are the questions janetha asked…

1. do you believe in aliens? why or why not.

umm. yes and no?  i do believe there’s a strong possibility of us not being the only ones in the universe.. not sure if they’re aliens, but maybe other human beings?  i’d like to think we’re not the only ones around here living it up!

2. if you could do ANYTHING in the world and have that be your career and your skills, paycheck, or anything else was not an object.. what would you do?

easy. i have always said, if i won the lottery, i’d quit my day job and start up a doggie daycare.  i spent most of my teenage years volunteering at a veterinarian clinic just for fun (not because i was forced to). the whole surgery/seriousness of being a vet is something i don’t think i could handle, so doggie daycare would be the next best thing!


who wouldn’t want to spend their days hanging out like that?!

3. what is your earliest childhood memory?

my grandparents used to take my brother and i on trips to different states during the summer!  we traveled to about 30 states (so i was told) but i only remember visiting a few with them.  i remember yellowstone national park (the buffalo) and some place with a lot of prairie dogs!


i was probably 3 or 4?

4. what’s for dinner tonight?

good question?  i think it may be this tuna, cauliflower, and cheese bake:


i already have some tuna filets sitting in the fridge and some cauliflower that’s about to go bad, so it seems appropriate.

5. what was the most fabulous vacation you have ever been on in your entire life?

costa rica. hands down.  i haven’t been on many vacations, but i loved costa rica.  i wish i could have, at least, spent a month there to soak up all the culture.  the dogs, the people, THE FOOD! GAH I MISS IT!

costa rica

6. if you HAD to give up one of your senses (touch, taste, sight, hearing, or smell) which would it be?

ooooh. good question!  i think i would have to go with touch. no way would i want to lose my taste, sight, or hearing.  smell.. maybe. touch is the last one on my list.

7. would you rather always be super freezing cold or ridiculously overheating hot? (and no, you can’t have a warm blanket or AC to combat the issue!)

cold. absolutely.  i absolutely HATE being hot.  i live in virginia where the summers don’t exactly reach extreme temperatures, but 95-100 degrees when it’s almost 100% humidity.. no thanks.  i always joke that i belong somewhere out west, like jackson hole or cody, where the temps may get hot, but its DRY heat.

8. why did you start blogging?

i started awhile back to try and keep myself accountable, and that didn’t work out so well..  the thing is, i love the blogging community.  for the most part, its a tight knit group that is always there to cheer you up if you need it!  yes, there will always be haters, that have something nasty to say, but such is life.  i haven’t made a ton of friends since i moved to richmond, and the few bloggers i do talk to here and there feel like friends, at least they do to me.

9. what was the last compliment you received and what was the last one you paid to someone?

the other day at the gym, i was doing deadlifts, and one of the trainers complimented me on my form.  that definitely made my day.

a compliment i paid to someone?  one of my co-workers got eyelash extensions, which i’m obsessed with (but too cheap to shell out the money for) and she was really happy someone noticed.  I WANT EYELASH EXTENSIONS SO BAD!

10. what is your most favorite thing to eat?

guacamole. all day, every day.  i love this stuff, but it has to be homemade.  i actually made some last night, and it was the most perfect batch i have ever made.  perfect amount of add-ins and seasonings.


who am i going to nominate?

my ten questions are:

  1. would you rather cook dinner or bake dessert?
  2. if you could only shop at one retail store (clothes-wise) for the rest of your life, where would you shop?
  3. what’s your favorite music genre?
  4. if you could pack up and move ANYWHERE in the world you would like (money doesn’t matter), would you move or stay where you are?
  5. what is your favorite month of the year?
  6. do you paint your nails or keep them polish free?
  7. if you had to eat the same thing for breakfast for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  8. what’s your favorite part of your body?
  9. what’s your favorite form of social media and why its your favorite?
  10. what’s the last 3 purchases on your debit card?


Q: answer any one of the questions above!

5 thoughts on “sunshine award!

  1. How fun are you for tagging me in this? It almost made me blog again. But sigh, too much time has passed and I felt that it would be a little random. My friend and I have talked about making a training blog again for when we start prepping for Ironman Louisville, or maybe now that this season is over Ill do one on the 24 day challenge (that you sold me on that I’m going to do with Janethas #holidayhustle) Anyway! Since you tagged me I figured the least I could do was answer the questions, not that anyone cares, but hell. I’m bored at work and my brain cant process more than this right now 🙂

    would you rather cook dinner or bake dessert?
    -COOK! Can’t bake. Too many steps and no room for error. I’m more of a make stuff up as I go person

    if you could only shop at one retail store (clothes-wise) for the rest of your life, where would you shop?
    -I have zero fashion sense. ZERO. Umm. Target? Thats bad isnt it.

    what’s your favorite music genre?

    if you could pack up and move ANYWHERE in the world you would like (money doesn’t matter), would you move or stay where you are?
    -MOVE!!!! No idea where though, most likely some touristy vacation spot because I’ve always wanted to live where people actually want to be, not the craphole town I’m from.

    what is your favorite month of the year?
    -May? Not sure. Weather sucks in Pittsburgh most of the time

    do you paint your nails or keep them polish free?
    -Toes I polish in the summer, birthday suit the rest of the time

    if you had to eat the same thing for breakfast for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    -Dippy eggs and toast!

    what’s your favorite part of your body?
    -Gar. Ummm. Mouth? I’m funny. And annoying. And a smartass. But I like it.

    what’s your favorite form of social media and why its your favorite?
    -INSTAGRAM. I like ALL OF THE THINGS in picture form

    what’s the last 3 purchases on your debit card?
    -HA! This is so my life
    1. IM Syracuse 70.3 registration
    2. IM in training shirt for a friends birthday
    3. 400 dollars in BOOZE from the lake house this weekend

    BTW how is life after the challenge? What products (if any) have you decided to use in daily life?

    • thanks for answering the questions! i’d love to read any blog you write!! and don’t worry, i’d prob shop at target, too. i have to asked Barbara if my clothes match for work in the mornings. hahaha. i’m a mess.

      life after the challenge is good! i tried having cheat meals the last two weekends, and i don’t think my body is ready for that until i lose some more weight. i feel like i lose weight during the week and then gain it back after one meal and its really frustrating. so i have to be 100% instead of 80/20 for now, which sucks.

      products we’re still taking include: spark + arginine & vo2 bars pre-workout, MNS supplement packets (MNS 3 for both of us), catalyst, thermoplus, omegaplex, and i just ordered some carb-ease. i think Barbara takes muscle gains, too (maybe) but i’m not positive. i didn’t take any of the products for maybe 3 days and was already feeling the effects on my body, so i think that they’re something we’re going to stick with.

      now if we could just get people to buy it from us, we’d really be doing good, since we’re spending so much a month on the products!

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