ollie marie boutique!

heyyyyy guys! remember me?  probably not, but I MEAN IT when i say i want to get into a better habit of blogging over here!  my memory is going quick because pregnancy brain is real and spousal pregnancy hormones are WAY too real. i swear i’ve forgotten more things in the last 8.5 months than i have my entire life!  BUT ANYWAYS, enough about me and more about clothes!

so, if you follow me on instagram (thesweatybetty), you have probably noticed that with my weight loss came a new confidence and a love for shopping.  i love that i feel so comfortable in my skin now and that i can feel confident in most clothes. BUT, this has also been a huge change on my spending. it’s REALLY weird going from shopping out of necessity about twice a year, to stopping in stores and grabbing something once a week! so, while i would love to buy ALL THE CLOTHES, i obviously try to keep my spending in check, especially with a little one on the way! i’ve come to love target, old navy, and now ollie marie boutique!

ollie marie

i had beenfollowing skinny meg for awhile and kept noticing that she was posting the most adorable outfits.  finally, i looked into her boutique and fell in love with just about everything! shipping is always free (and FAST!) and the prices are right in the range of what i like to spend.  plus, all the clothing is quality material!  i’ve had no complaints with any of the items yet!!

ollie marie 4

shadow of a doubt cardigan

ollie marie 2

side strip tunic

ollie marie 1line up shirt

ollie marie 3distressed skinny jeans – dark wash

megan was kind enough to extend a coupon code (which i’ve been getting a lot of use out of, too) to all of my blog readers!  using the code “sweatybetty” at checkout gets you 20% off your entire purchase and you can use it more than once! if you get anything, and use my code, tag me in your outfit!  i love to see what people are buying!

that’s all for now!  i had been meaning to post about this for awhile and just now got around to it.  i also have a nursery update, baby shower update, AND hello fresh review that i will be posting about soon!

happy friday and have a great weekend!

Q: are you a shopper?  where are your favorite places to shop?

disclaimer: i was sent a few items by ollie marie boutique in return for an honest review on my instagram/blog. i have continued to purchase items on my own, two of which are pictured above.  all opinions are my own.

baby post: gender reveal and nursery planning

hey guys!  last time we talked, i gave you a brief life update on life, baby, and weight loss. today is going to be very BABY focused!

gender reveal:

so tuesday afternoon, we headed to a 3rd party ultrasound facility to get a gender scan and 3D/4D ultrasound.  we announced before that we wanted the gender to be a secret, so the tech found out the sex privately, then turned on the screen to let us see our sweet little baby!  the ultrasound lasted about 10 minutes and baby wasn’t very active and seemed to be sleeping, so it wasn’t very eventful!

we handed the envelope, sealed by the facility, to barbara’s friend, and from there she planned a small gender reveal party based on the what was in the envelope!

here’s a quick background on me.  I HATE SURPRISES.  like, barbara has rarely gotten a gift on christmas, because i always make her open them early.  so this two days was TORTURE.

we were totally sure torin was a boy.  barbara had a dream and i had a hunch.  even a girl at barbara’s office, who has never guessed a gender wrong, guessed boy.  WE WERE CONVINCED!

so, thursday rolled around, nothing was achieved at work because all i could think of was the balloons flying out of the box, and then we arrived at the location to get some pictures taken by a friend.  they turned out amazing and i cannot wait to see the entire set!  at 7:30pm, everyone had arrived, so we quickly took the ‘team pink’ and ‘team blue’ photos, then opened the box.  this is where i got a very strong feeling.. as soon as i started to rip back the tape on the box, i KNEW the balloons were going to be PINK. and guess what, THEY WERE!  so, thursday night, we were able to announce the arrival of Torin Kenley Mullins.


torin was a name we’ve loved for YEARS.  we were watching winter x-games, and a men’s skier came on with the name torin.  we both fell in love and knew that it would be our first child’s name, regardless of gender.  we think girls with masculine or just gender-neutral names are the cutest, so it worked out great.  kenley, is derived from kenneth, barbara’s dad’s middle name.  he’s doing a great job at battling stage 4 prostate and bone cancer and we knew he deserved a little tribute. THEN, on the way to dinner that night, barbara mentioned maybe adding a 2nd middle name.. she has 2 middle names “anne” and “jacqueline”  and wanted to be able to show her mom a tribute, so we added “annette” , her mom’s middle name, to torin kenley.  SO, our sweet baby’s name is torin kenley annette mullins.  i think for the most part, she will just be torin and torin kenley when i yell at her as she gets older and into things 🙂

now for the fun stuff!  nursery planning(!!!):

we knew if we were going to have a girl, we wanted pink and sparkles and all that jazz.  now it was just narrowing down how to mesh all that together.  after a quick search into pinterest, i found our colors: pink, peach, gold, and sea foam.  on top of that, i wanted to keep some gray in the room and add some floral.

color inspo

after we narrowed down the colors, a few quick pinterest searches later, i found some room inspirations i could play off of!

gray with pink tassles

love the tassels and floral above. (source)

pink gold gray

love the gold decals on the gray wall above.  (the link was broken on pinterest, so no source)

teal tassles modern crib

love the modern crib and teal/blue tassels. (the link was broken on pinterest, so no source)

we knew what crib we wanted thanks to young house love and their researched back in the day. luckily, the crib they bought was still available at walmart, and the price was too good to be true.  we also wanted a simple, clean, white dresser to go with it, so we decided with ikea.  we have the same dresser in our guest bedroom, in gray, so it was an easy decision.





so we had an even BETTER idea of what we wanted at this point.  then it was time to create some kind of inspiration/mood board that we could piece things together to see if they meshed well.  so, here are a few fabric combinations i found via etsy:


(+ signs | gold deer | polka dots | floral)

and here are a few accessories i thought would mix well with everything:

accessories 1

( cart | dream catcher/mobile | floral deer head )

accessories 2

( storage box | potential dresser pulls | floral print | tassels )

so, that’s where my head is going with the nursery.  first thing we have to do it rip up and replace the carpet in the room and rip up the carpert in the hallway and put wood floors down.  the previous owner’s dog wreaked HAVOC on the carpet upstairs.  we also want to change out the ceiling fan with something a little more modern and replace the fire detector with a new Nest one.  yikes, so much to do before january!  i know once we have everything, it’ll come together quick, but its rounding everything up and getting those floors laid and walls painted!

a few people had mentioned a ‘virtual baby shower’ and i talked it over with barbara.  we’re overwhelmed with the amount of support we’ve received with this sweet little baby and have decided to try it out!  i’m going to open up a PO Box and will post about all the stuff later in the year.  it’s seriously amazing to see how much people want to support us, and it doesn’t go unnoticed, that’s for sure!

details will follow!!  currently, we’re registered at babylistregistry.com & babies r us!

hope everyone has a great week!  mine’s going to be crazy, so i’m enjoying the slow time, now!

festival of the grape

hey guys!  how was your weekend?  mine was jam packed with fun, food, and friends!

friday night was spent with family at my niece’s pre-school’s fall festival.  they had crafts and games and ended with a parade.  it was cute. but there were waaaayy too many people cramped in small areas and i had some serious anxiety going on.  (i guess i need to get used to it, because babies will be coming before i know it and i’ll be taking my own kids to their fall festival!) after that, we went to outback for dinner.  i had the cobb salad and was pretty disappointed, but i wasn’t expecting much to begin with.

saturday, i woke-up bright and early to straighten up the house then get ready for Powhatan County’s annual wine festival!  its the go-to wine festival in this area, but this was actually my first time going, or even really trying wines for that matter!  i’m more likely to try a new beer versus trying a new wine, but i’d like to branch out some and see if i like it.

the festival is only three miles from my house, so Barbara, her mom, a friend, and i headed out our door around 10:55 a.m.  there were already A LOT of people there by the time we got there!  we parked and headed to the front gate where you show your tickets and grab you tasting glass.


after we picked up our glasses and got our wristbands, it was time to try some wine!  i am a complete newby at all of this and my memory is horrible, so i wont be able to tell you all the details, please forgive me.  there were tons of vendors set up, from artwork to wine-glass-holder-necklaces, along with the obvious wine vendors.


the wine vendors had samplings of anywhere from three to eight wines.  most had red, whites, sweets, and sangrias.  its mostly Virginia wineries which is nice to know its all made local.  some of my favorites included Cooper Vineyards, James River Cellars, and Byrd Cellars.


as you can see, the weather was not in our favor that day.  all week the forecast said 70* and sunny, then, friday rolled around and the forecast changed to 65* and rainy.  it was never a heavy rain, just enough to piss you off.  it surely didn’t stop people from coming out and trying some wine, though!


each winey had a list of the wines you were tasting, so i made note of which wines i liked and which ones i didn’t.  i noticed that the majority of the ones i really liked were a blend of vidal blanc, chardonel, and something else.  they usually had other fruity notes, like peaches and pineapple, and were sweet white wines, but not too sweet. just kind of refreshing. i also enjoyed most of the sangrias.

byrd cellars had sweet apple wine that was amazing.  i plan on visiting them for a tasting sometime in the near future because i only got to try a few of their wines.  from their website:

Sweet Apple – Made from Virginia cider house apples. Light, fruity, and slightly sweet.  The apple juice comes from a cider house in Amhurst county.  We purchase the juice as the apples are being pressed at harvest time, begin the fermentation process at the cider house and transport it back to our winery to finish the process.  The apples are a wonderful blend of such great apples as pipin, fugi, yellow delicious and more.”

i really wanted a chance to try all the wines, and i’m glad i did, because i really got to see which ones i liked and which ones i didn’t care for.  one winery, peaks of otter, had a light chili pepper wine, which was served with a squeeze of cheese.  spicy wine, i did NOT care for.  it almost reminded me of the master cleanse – lemonade drink i tried for about 3 days.


i ended up purchasing wine from cooper vineyards called rhapsody.  from the website:

Sweet:  Rhapsody – Our refreshing blend of Vidal Blanc, Chardonel, and Viognier. At 3% residual sugar, with notes of peach and honeysuckle, Rhapsody pairs well with Thai food and sunny afternoons.”

its a sweet wine, but i found it more refreshing than overly sweet.  i guess i’ll be able to give a better description once i drink more than a sample, but i’m excited to break open my bottle.


we stayed from 11-3 p.m. and then headed to a local restaurant for dinner.  i had a blackened and bleu burger, but it was so salty, i could barely eat it.  we got home and hung out a little longer with the fire going, since it was so cold and drizzly out.

scout was happy to see the fireplace back up and running.  the kid loves a fire.  i catch him some nights with his foot actually propped in the fireplace.


sunday, i stayed in bed until 12 p.m. sorryimnotsorry.  it felt soooo good to sleep in.  theres only been a few weekends, over the past few months, where i’ve been able to sleep in, so when i get the chance, i take it.  it was a nice relaxing sunday which included noodles & company for lunch, the movies to see carrie (don’t waste your money), and chicken noodle soup (GO MAKE THIS SOUP) + more movies (hunger games & act of valor) later that night.

all-in-all it was a really great weekend!! did you do anything fun this weekend? 

five things friday

hey y’all!  how are ya?  happy it’s friday?  i know i am.  i had monday off work for the holiday, but this 4 day work week has been dragggggging.  i thought i’d do a light post with four lists of five for you.

five most recent pins:


  1. this hair!  i’m actually dying my hair a deep purplish hue (kinda like this) nov 2 and adding bangs!  i always want to do something different, but never get the guts to do it once i’m in the seat.  i cant wait to see how i look with both of these changes!
  2. this. pizza w. fig preserves, caramelized onions and chicken sausages by Bev Cooks.
  3. pitbull dalmation mix.  is there anything cuter than this?!
  4. these highlights.  very subtle!  i want to be more adventurous with my hair. i’m tired of it being cookie cutter all the time!
  5. this tribal/aztec cardigan.  i’m currently obsessed with all things aztec and tribal themed.  along with ikat and chevron.  and polka dots. i cant get enough of it!

five most recent purchases:


  1. this cardigan.  like i said, i’m obsessed with tribal patterns.  i saw this sweater at wet seal and scooped it up, quick!  when does shopping at wet seal become age inappropriate?  hopefully not until i’m 26 (in a month).
  2. a fireplace gas key.  nothing fun here, the pervious owner didn’t leave one with the house, so instead of struggling with tools i had on hand, i got one for about $20. the joys of adulthood.
  3. dinner from McAlister’s Deli.  they seriously have the. best. salads.  it’s a chain restaurant, but doesn’t feel like one, which is something i really like.
  4. air filters and some random items from Lowe’s.  again, nothing fun here.  just maintaining the house!  we’re actually re-doing the laundry room (we’ve already installed tile), so i’ll have to show you a before and after once it gets done.  which should be sometime soon!
  5. this chicago bears shirt.  i don’t normally buy stuff like this often, but its barbara’s fav team and i thought it looked kinda cute.  i am by no means a football fan, but i will root for the redskins when they’re on because my uncle, who lived with us growing up, was a die-hard skins fan.

five dogs on my wish list (note:  i plan on adopting from here on out, so i don’t know how likely any of these will ever be, but these are my current favorite ‘future’ dogs).


  1. corgis.  i have become OBSESSED.  i used to think they were funny looking, but then i realized it was the exact same dog as scout, except shorter ears (and no tail).  the more i see them, the more i love them.
  2. french bulldogs.  these stocky little guys have won over my heart.  i need one before i die.
  3. newfoundland. i volunteered at an animal hospital growing up and one of the dogs i helped out with was a newfoundland puppy.  they grow up HUGE, but i love big dogs.  i also love short dogs.  i don’t discriminate.
  4. bloodhound.  one of my friend’s has one named jeb and he is the sweetest thing i’ve ever met.  hes full of energy and reminds me a lot of a taller scout.  i think i’m partial to hound dogs.
  5. great dane.  i’ve always been in awe at the size of these dogs.  they’re adorable too.


five meals i want to make:

  1. grilled hawaiian pizza burritos.  pineapple makes everything better.  i’m semi-obsessed.
  2. quick & clean chicken noodle soup.  clean. simple. tasty. how much better could it get?!
  3. white chicken quinoa chili.  its chili season.. do i need another reason?
  4. cheddar chive pancakes.  these neeeeed to happen, stat!
  5. mini cheddar sweet potato and chorizo shepherds pie.  long title but they look amazing!  comfort food for the win.


now your turn!  list off 5 things from your own list.. or choose from one of mine!


DIY halloween wreath

hey there!  i didn’t forget about this little blog of mine, life has continued to be crazy, so i promise, i’m dropping in as much as i can. hopefully, everything will start to slow down and i’ll get to post regularly, like before.

i dropped in to show you the halloween wreath i made last night with the help of some inspiration via pinterest.  here is my ‘wreathspiration’:


and here is my version, with step-by-step directions:


first, you’ll need to gather your supplies (shown below).  i picked up the skull, originally brown, awhile back when halloween stuff had just started to show up at Jo-Ann’s.   to make it silver, i simply sprayed it with some metallic spray paint from Lowe’s that i had laying around the house.

last week i picked up the rest of my supplies, which included: foam wreath (i wanted one with rounded edges, but after searching two stores, i settled for this one).  i also picked up two spools of ribbon, one white and one black, to wrap around the wreath.  the inspiration looks like it may have been felt (maybe?), but i like the way mine turned out just as well, so whatever you can find will work.

that other spool of ribbon down there is glitter ribbon to make the bow. (note: Barbara is an expert bow maker, so she actually made the bow on the finished product.  i have no clue how she does it, but i saw plenty of pre-made bows at Jo-Ann’s for a decent price, which i would have had to snag up if it weren’t for her.)

the only tools i used for this project were scissors and a glue gun.


next, i glued the two ribbons together, overlapping some, so that they would be easier to start wrapping.


then, glue the ribbon onto the wreath and get to wrapping!  i would periodically glue the ribbon to the wreath so it wasn’t just ‘sitting’ on top of the foam.


soon, it will start to come together and look like this:


here is what my wreath looked like after the whole thing was wrapped.  i ran out of black ribbon on the last wrap, so that’s why there’s more white at the bottom center.  i knew i would be covered by the bow and skull, so i wasn’t that worried.


barbara worked her bow-making-magic, or if it were just me, this is where i would tell you i hot glued my store made bow onto the wreath.


finally, i hot glued the skull onto the wreath, making sure that i didn’t set it too far back, so that it would sit flush on the front door.  i let it sit to dry overnight and will be hanging it on the door tonight when i get home!


this whole project took about 15 minutes and cost around $20 with some coupons i had.  i know all the wreaths i look at cost a lot more, so i would definitely say this is worth the time and effort!  it’s not exactly the same as my ‘wreathspiration’  but i love it.  feel free to use any colors you want here, purple and orange, orange and black, black and red.. the possibilities are endless!

wreath8 happy halloween!

Q:  have you made any crafts for halloween?  did you have inspiration or did you just wing it?

iphone, lately.

hey guys! i didn’t fall off the face of the earth, promise!  it’s been CRAZY busy in my world with traveling to the baby shower, work conference, catching up on work i missed, and then enjoying life this weekend, but i’m still doing great!  here are some snapshots of the last couple of days since we last talked (i apologize if you follow me on instagram and have already seen these!).

photo 23

photo 22

photo 3

(bacon filled pancakes)

photo 21

photo 10

photo 11

photo 16

photo 17

photo 19

photo 20

photo 18

photo 14

photo 12

photo 15

photo 13

photo 6

photo 9

photo 7

photo 1

photo 2

photo 8

photo 5

photo 4

(glow in the dark sparkles!)

that’s all i have for you, today!  i promise i’ll be back sometime this week with an update on how everything is going!

sunshine award!

hi!  while i was catching up on some blogs this morning, i realized i was nominated for the sunshine award by janetha!  thanks, janetha!  i think this is a fun little award and perfect for a friday!  so here is goes..



  1. Include award logo in a post or on your blog.
  2. Link to the person who nominated you.
  3. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  4. Nominate 10 bloggers to receive the award and ask them 10 questions.

here are the questions janetha asked…

1. do you believe in aliens? why or why not.

umm. yes and no?  i do believe there’s a strong possibility of us not being the only ones in the universe.. not sure if they’re aliens, but maybe other human beings?  i’d like to think we’re not the only ones around here living it up!

2. if you could do ANYTHING in the world and have that be your career and your skills, paycheck, or anything else was not an object.. what would you do?

easy. i have always said, if i won the lottery, i’d quit my day job and start up a doggie daycare.  i spent most of my teenage years volunteering at a veterinarian clinic just for fun (not because i was forced to). the whole surgery/seriousness of being a vet is something i don’t think i could handle, so doggie daycare would be the next best thing!


who wouldn’t want to spend their days hanging out like that?!

3. what is your earliest childhood memory?

my grandparents used to take my brother and i on trips to different states during the summer!  we traveled to about 30 states (so i was told) but i only remember visiting a few with them.  i remember yellowstone national park (the buffalo) and some place with a lot of prairie dogs!


i was probably 3 or 4?

4. what’s for dinner tonight?

good question?  i think it may be this tuna, cauliflower, and cheese bake:


i already have some tuna filets sitting in the fridge and some cauliflower that’s about to go bad, so it seems appropriate.

5. what was the most fabulous vacation you have ever been on in your entire life?

costa rica. hands down.  i haven’t been on many vacations, but i loved costa rica.  i wish i could have, at least, spent a month there to soak up all the culture.  the dogs, the people, THE FOOD! GAH I MISS IT!

costa rica

6. if you HAD to give up one of your senses (touch, taste, sight, hearing, or smell) which would it be?

ooooh. good question!  i think i would have to go with touch. no way would i want to lose my taste, sight, or hearing.  smell.. maybe. touch is the last one on my list.

7. would you rather always be super freezing cold or ridiculously overheating hot? (and no, you can’t have a warm blanket or AC to combat the issue!)

cold. absolutely.  i absolutely HATE being hot.  i live in virginia where the summers don’t exactly reach extreme temperatures, but 95-100 degrees when it’s almost 100% humidity.. no thanks.  i always joke that i belong somewhere out west, like jackson hole or cody, where the temps may get hot, but its DRY heat.

8. why did you start blogging?

i started awhile back to try and keep myself accountable, and that didn’t work out so well..  the thing is, i love the blogging community.  for the most part, its a tight knit group that is always there to cheer you up if you need it!  yes, there will always be haters, that have something nasty to say, but such is life.  i haven’t made a ton of friends since i moved to richmond, and the few bloggers i do talk to here and there feel like friends, at least they do to me.

9. what was the last compliment you received and what was the last one you paid to someone?

the other day at the gym, i was doing deadlifts, and one of the trainers complimented me on my form.  that definitely made my day.

a compliment i paid to someone?  one of my co-workers got eyelash extensions, which i’m obsessed with (but too cheap to shell out the money for) and she was really happy someone noticed.  I WANT EYELASH EXTENSIONS SO BAD!

10. what is your most favorite thing to eat?

guacamole. all day, every day.  i love this stuff, but it has to be homemade.  i actually made some last night, and it was the most perfect batch i have ever made.  perfect amount of add-ins and seasonings.


who am i going to nominate?

my ten questions are:

  1. would you rather cook dinner or bake dessert?
  2. if you could only shop at one retail store (clothes-wise) for the rest of your life, where would you shop?
  3. what’s your favorite music genre?
  4. if you could pack up and move ANYWHERE in the world you would like (money doesn’t matter), would you move or stay where you are?
  5. what is your favorite month of the year?
  6. do you paint your nails or keep them polish free?
  7. if you had to eat the same thing for breakfast for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  8. what’s your favorite part of your body?
  9. what’s your favorite form of social media and why its your favorite?
  10. what’s the last 3 purchases on your debit card?


Q: answer any one of the questions above!