five things friday

hey y’all!  how are ya?  happy it’s friday?  i know i am.  i had monday off work for the holiday, but this 4 day work week has been dragggggging.  i thought i’d do a light post with four lists of five for you.

five most recent pins:


  1. this hair!  i’m actually dying my hair a deep purplish hue (kinda like this) nov 2 and adding bangs!  i always want to do something different, but never get the guts to do it once i’m in the seat.  i cant wait to see how i look with both of these changes!
  2. this. pizza w. fig preserves, caramelized onions and chicken sausages by Bev Cooks.
  3. pitbull dalmation mix.  is there anything cuter than this?!
  4. these highlights.  very subtle!  i want to be more adventurous with my hair. i’m tired of it being cookie cutter all the time!
  5. this tribal/aztec cardigan.  i’m currently obsessed with all things aztec and tribal themed.  along with ikat and chevron.  and polka dots. i cant get enough of it!

five most recent purchases:


  1. this cardigan.  like i said, i’m obsessed with tribal patterns.  i saw this sweater at wet seal and scooped it up, quick!  when does shopping at wet seal become age inappropriate?  hopefully not until i’m 26 (in a month).
  2. a fireplace gas key.  nothing fun here, the pervious owner didn’t leave one with the house, so instead of struggling with tools i had on hand, i got one for about $20. the joys of adulthood.
  3. dinner from McAlister’s Deli.  they seriously have the. best. salads.  it’s a chain restaurant, but doesn’t feel like one, which is something i really like.
  4. air filters and some random items from Lowe’s.  again, nothing fun here.  just maintaining the house!  we’re actually re-doing the laundry room (we’ve already installed tile), so i’ll have to show you a before and after once it gets done.  which should be sometime soon!
  5. this chicago bears shirt.  i don’t normally buy stuff like this often, but its barbara’s fav team and i thought it looked kinda cute.  i am by no means a football fan, but i will root for the redskins when they’re on because my uncle, who lived with us growing up, was a die-hard skins fan.

five dogs on my wish list (note:  i plan on adopting from here on out, so i don’t know how likely any of these will ever be, but these are my current favorite ‘future’ dogs).


  1. corgis.  i have become OBSESSED.  i used to think they were funny looking, but then i realized it was the exact same dog as scout, except shorter ears (and no tail).  the more i see them, the more i love them.
  2. french bulldogs.  these stocky little guys have won over my heart.  i need one before i die.
  3. newfoundland. i volunteered at an animal hospital growing up and one of the dogs i helped out with was a newfoundland puppy.  they grow up HUGE, but i love big dogs.  i also love short dogs.  i don’t discriminate.
  4. bloodhound.  one of my friend’s has one named jeb and he is the sweetest thing i’ve ever met.  hes full of energy and reminds me a lot of a taller scout.  i think i’m partial to hound dogs.
  5. great dane.  i’ve always been in awe at the size of these dogs.  they’re adorable too.


five meals i want to make:

  1. grilled hawaiian pizza burritos.  pineapple makes everything better.  i’m semi-obsessed.
  2. quick & clean chicken noodle soup.  clean. simple. tasty. how much better could it get?!
  3. white chicken quinoa chili.  its chili season.. do i need another reason?
  4. cheddar chive pancakes.  these neeeeed to happen, stat!
  5. mini cheddar sweet potato and chorizo shepherds pie.  long title but they look amazing!  comfort food for the win.


now your turn!  list off 5 things from your own list.. or choose from one of mine!


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