thursday confessional

you guys, i have a problem.. it’s not something i’m proud of and it usually determines my mood for the next several hours/days: when i start a diet/lifestyle change, i become OBSESSED with the scale.


my routine?  wake up, go to the bathroom, weigh myself.  if i workout that morning, weigh myself after.  get to work, there’s a scale in the women’s bathroom, ‘i’ll just see if the scales say the same thing.  mine could be off“.  i get home after work and haven’t eating anything since my 3 o’clock snack, my stomach feels pretty empty, lets just check to see if the number is lower than(!!) or the same as it was this morning.  then, i make dinner and relax before it’s time to go to bed.  i’ll weigh myself before bed, but usually don’t take that number too seriously. 99.99% of the time, i have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night from all the water i drink.. you bet i weight myself.

THAT’S SIX TIMES.  six times too many, i know.  it drives me crazy that i do it, but i just want to make sure i’m making progress.  i know it shouldn’t happen daily, and i also know my weight can fluctuate anywhere from 1-10 lbs in a day (that’s even with clean eating).

i want to work on this.  i want to be able to hop on the scale once a month (or even longer period of time) and just check-in;  see if i’m still on-track or if i need to buckle-down. and maybe one day, not even feel the need to see what the number is and go by how i feel.  i’m going to try to wean myself off, but i know its going to take time.  this has been a serious obsession for yearsssss now; i’d say probably 10+ years.


i know i’ve ready plenty of posts with this same subject, but i would consider this my biggest flaw when it come to losing weight.  when that number stops dropping as fast as i think it should, the weight creeps back on soon after.  i can be eating SO WELL and doing my workouts PERFECTLY and if that scale doesn’t rub me the wrong way, it could change the entire outlook on my program.  if i want to be successful this time around, i’m going to have to work on this, which means i’m going to have to work on myself.

i’ll check in with updates to let you know how it’s going.

Q:  do you weigh yourself regularly?  do you refuse to weigh yourself?  does your mood depend on whether the number is what you think it should be?

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