motivation monday

hey guys!  just checking in to let you know i’m still going strong! i’m on day 8 of the cleanse; only 2 cleanse days left, then it’s time for the BURN PHASE!

i had a great weekend [eats + workouts] but i’ll get into that tomorrow.  today, i just want to leave you with a little motivation.


it’s true.  i NEVER regret a workout, but, if i oversleep/skip an afternoon workout, i’m so mad at myself. plus, i feel SO MUCH BETTER when i workout in the morning vs. sleep a few hours more.  it doesn’t make sense, but that’s what happens!

hope y’all had a great weekend!

Q: are you a morning or afternoon workout type of person?  me, i’m morning all the way.  my job mentally drains me, so that last thing i want to do when i get off work, is workout.  plus, if i workout in the morning, it leaves SO much more time in the afternoon to do stuff.. like snuggle this guy:




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