iphone, lately.

hey guys! i didn’t fall off the face of the earth, promise!  it’s been CRAZY busy in my world with traveling to the baby shower, work conference, catching up on work i missed, and then enjoying life this weekend, but i’m still doing great!  here are some snapshots of the last couple of days since we last talked (i apologize if you follow me on instagram and have already seen these!).

photo 23

photo 22

photo 3

(bacon filled pancakes)

photo 21

photo 10

photo 11

photo 16

photo 17

photo 19

photo 20

photo 18

photo 14

photo 12

photo 15

photo 13

photo 6

photo 9

photo 7

photo 1

photo 2

photo 8

photo 5

photo 4

(glow in the dark sparkles!)

that’s all i have for you, today!  i promise i’ll be back sometime this week with an update on how everything is going!

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