happy friday! anyone have an big plans for the long weekend? not me; just hanging out or working out.  before this whole thing, i would have never included working out into a holiday weekend.  pushing through until wednesday to finish this challenge strong!!

i wanted to keep today’s post light, so i thought i would share some of the things i’m currently doing or currently loving!


girl talk radio on Pandora.


it’s usually either that or Fun. radio.  i love both and they always play songs i love.



wasa thin and crispy crackers + hot peppered horseradish + banana peppers + no salt added turkey breast and a side of asparagus  (all eaten at my very glamorous desk at work).  omg. if i could eat this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 3 snacks a day i would.  if you like stuff with a kick, try out this combo. you can thank me later!


from this –


to this –


wednesday and thursday after my morning snack, 1/4 cup of almonds, i started to have really bad stomach cramps.  i became nauseous and felt terrible.  the only thing i could pin point it on was i ate raw almonds right before both episodes started.  i’m not sure if it’s because they’re raw or what, but i only use almond milk and have never had a reaction to that, plus I’ve been eating almonds for snacks most of this challenge.  i guess its possible to form an intolerance?  maybe I’ve eaten too many almonds?  for now, i replaced my almonds with a small gala apple.  i can’t wait for honeycrisp season to start!

protein powder:

beverly international UMP in cookies and cream. this stuff is amazing. i’ve always read that whey is better immediately after a workout and casein is good before bed, since it’s slow released protein that feeds your muscles all night.  i’m not sure if that is true, but, i do know this protein has me fooled that i’m not drinking an actual cookies and cream milkshake for dessert every night.  i wish i could say i’m exaggerating, because most of the time i think people are crazy or have been eating clean for way too long when they say ‘this tastes just like the real thing!!’, but i’ve had this since the beginning of week 2 and even then i thought it tasted amazing then.

the company also sells a rocky road; i wish i could try a sample, because it seems like it might be a really rich flavor and not something i would enjoy every night like i am right now with the cookies and cream.  i’ll let you know if i venture out.


nothing.  sad face.  i have quite a few books on my kindle ready to read and i just haven’t been feeling it lately.  i can’t remember that last time i read a full book!

tv shows:

oitnb orange is the new black.  i heard a lot about this series from quite a few friends so i gave it shot.  i wouldn’t say i’m completely enthralled, but i enjoy watching it.  it’s a Netflix series, so the whole first season is available right now.


i found walking dead season 1 and 2 on Netflix awhile back and season 3 finally became available on dvd this past week.  so i’m watching these episodes as fast as Netflix sends them!  i was so set that i ‘wasn’t a zombie’ person and i fell in love with this show.  i also really enjoyed world war z.  so i guess, maybe i am a zombie person? who knows.


debt.  between buying a house last year, getting new credit cards, and other high item purchases recently, i’ve racked up quite a bit of debt.  i’m on a mission to cut down my spending budget and pay off this stuff as fast as i can (except the house obviously, i’ve got years and years to pay on that).  i hate the thought of  debt looming over my head!


i know this sounds forever away, but two of my best friends are having a destination wedding in puerto vallarta next november and i’ve officially booked my room! it’s on the west coast of mexico.

cande savethedate

thinking about it makes me miss costa rica, though.  i traveled to puerto viejo back in february and i miss it like crazy.  i wish i could live there for awhile and just soak up as much culture as possible.  if you ever have a chance to travel to costa rica, do it; it will be the best decision you ever made!


i really love working out my back these days.  some of my favorite exercises include hyperextensions and dead lifts.  i still dread cardio every day.  i hope that changes soon, because it wont be going away.

weight loss:

12 pounds.  the number hasn’t moved in the last few days. i’m not sure why, but i’m still pretty happy with it.  i just hope it goes down a little more before the challenge is over.

well, that’s all i have for you today, folks.  sorry if i bored you.  not much going on in my life other than eating clean, working out, and trying to relax when i’m not prepping meals or cleaning the house.  i wish i could train my dogs to clean the house when i’m away at work.  i always tell scout to vacuum up some of his hair (he sheds A LOT) while i’m out, but he never listens. oh well.


Q: what’s one of your currentlys’?

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