i got my date!

guys, apparently i’m only good at posting once a month these days?  life has been SO busy lately!  i’m not complaining, but i’ve barely had a free minute to do anything.  my days lately have been filled with work, family, house projects, enjoying spring, and other fun events with friends.

so on to lap-band stuff (sorry if this is boring for some), after 5 WEEKS of waiting to hear from insurance, i took it upon myself to call the company and found out i was approved for surgery march 23.  i called my doctors office the next week, thinking they would have received that information by that point, to find out they didn’t have anything.  after almost a full day on the phone and playing phone tag with insurance and my surgeon’s office, i got all the answers i needed.

i’m scheduled for surgery may 8th!  i have 2 more full days worth of appointments which include a seminar tomorrow and pre-surgery testing/questions/consent next thursday.  i should learn more about my pre-op, liver shrinking diet at the seminar and should be put on that either this friday or next friday.  i’m not sure if my surgeon requires 2 weeks or 3 weeks of the pre-op diet.

as exciting as all of this is to me, i’m still getting negative feedback from some people.  i received a voicemail from my mom about a week ago, telling me if i adopted a plant based, vegan diet i wouldn’t need “to be cut open”.  i’ve also gotten my fair share of snark comments from co-workers.  this may be the most frustrating aspect of the surgery.  i almost wish i would have kept this process to myself because people can be hurtful, whether they know it or not.   this has been something i’ve thought about since i was 18.  for almost 20 years i’ve had to be mindful of what i put in my mouth, and when i’ve failed at doing that, my weight showed that.  i know i’ve said it before, but i don’t want to be 50 and still waiting to experience life.  as much as i loved costa rica last february, my experience would have been 100x better had i weighed 100 lbs less.

i just need to keep reminding myself that i’m doing this for myself and myself only.  i’m the one that can’t look in the mirror after i get out of the shower, who hates getting dressed in the morning, whose body constantly aches from the excess weight.

i promise i want to get back to updating this blog at least weekly, for no one but myself.  so i can see how far i’ve come and see all the obstacles i faced throughout this journey.  so if you’re still reading, thanks for the support!

ps.  can you just look how little my basset was 3 years ago.  man, as much as i miss that baby face, that first year was a hard one with him!


9 thoughts on “i got my date!

  1. Congrats on your surgery date! As for the nay-sayers… I told myself anyone that was a Negative Nelly about my life choices didn’t need to know about my life! Once your family/friends realize you have stopped sharing the details of your life with them, they may reconsider their harsh words…if not, well, then they don’t need to know what you are doing anyway! It’s really no one’s business but your own anyway. I told anyone and everyone about my surgery and thankfully only got a few responses that required a time out. Good luck and congrats again!

  2. I have been lucky and not experienced too much negativity, but I am selective on who I share with. I’m very excited for you and glad that you are reminding yourself who you are doing this for….YOU! 😀

    • well, I def wasn’t expecting it from my mom, since shes been overweight my whole life. I really wished I hadn’t told co-workers, but I guess its too late now!

  3. You just need to do what best for your health. My mother received a lot of flack for her gastric bypass but it changed her life. Not only are the health benefits worth it, she’s so much happier.

  4. Hi. I just read your post. I had lap band November 2012, I’m not at goal, but I feel 100% better. I’m off all heart meds and cholesterol meds. Am I happy I did it. Absolutely. I didn’t tell too many people, but some people did find out. I understand you did. No worries. They do not have to walk in your shoes. You need to do what you need to feel better. Screw em. After you loose, they won’t say anything anymore. They will be jealous, give you praise and compliments. Stay strong. And welcome to your new life. Yes, it’s that good. Take care

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