5 months out

hey there! ¬†worst blogger of the year award goes to me! oh well, just be happy you’re getting a post today, ok ūüôā so! i owe you all a update (if you even care)!

everything is going GREAT! ¬†i honestly have no complaints. ¬†my life has been crazy busy, filled with work, gym, events, weddings, new babies, planning for big thangz in my own life (!!!), so i haven’t had much free time to just hang out and type up a blog post.

so WEIGHT LOSS! ¬†this is a weight loss blog, so i guess i owe you an update on that! ¬†as of the 8th, i’m 5 months post-op from lap-band surgery. i’m currently down 66 lbs and feeling amazing! ¬†for some reason 66 lbs doesn’t feel like a huge loss for me, but i feel so much better physically that it’s crazy! ¬†i can move around so much better, clothes are actually comfortable to wear, and i can actually look at myself in the mirror without being disgusted.

i still want to lose 40-60 more pounds depending on how i look at those 2 stages, and i’ll re-asses my goals when i reach that point. ¬†as i’ve mentioned in the past, i’m not trying to be super skinny, just healthy. ¬†if i get somewhere between 170-200 i’ll be happy. ¬†i still have a stomach pooch, flabby arm skin, and some thigh fat that i’d like to go away, so 40-60 seems like a good number to me.

here is an updated before and after:beforeandafter

lets see, what else. ¬†i’m continuing to use a low carb diet as means of diet. ¬†i’ve incorporated more fats into my diet to help with satiety, and it really seems to be helping. ¬†i’ve done some research on the ketogenic diet and that is basically the plan i am following at this point. ¬†here is the diet explained better than anything i can give you, from this website:

A ketogenic diet is quite simply any diet that forces the body into a process called ketosis, whereby fats are burned instead of carbohydrates for use as energy. A proper ketogenic diet calls for the dieter to consume high amounts of fat, adequate amounts of protein, and very low amounts of carbohydrates. Our bodies are used to turning carbohydrates into glucose to send all over the body as energy. When we enter ketosis by sufficiently limiting our carbohydrate intake, our livers start breaking down fat cells into fatty acids and ketones, to be used as energy.

i enjoy the higher fat aspect, because i can still enjoy some things that i normally wouldn’t on your typical weight loss surgery diet which is low-carb, low fat. ¬†i get to eat avocados, bacon, butter, and all of the macadamia nuts i want (well, within reason) and still lose weight, which is awesome!

i did complete an advocare cleanse, and cut out higher fat foods and dairy for 10 days, which was torture to my cheese loving self, but i did well and lost quite a few inches! ¬†i’m continuing using the MNS products, but it has been a little hard getting the pills in since my last fill. i can take them all, i just have to take them one by one so they don’t get ‘stuck’. ¬†i do find a huge difference in energy when i take them and when i forget to take them, so i’m going to stick with those.

i’ve been really into seafood lately, so tilapia and shrimp have been on the menu quite a few times. ¬†i also found a sweet kale salad at costco that i’m obsessed with, but had to stop using the dressing, because it had too much sugar and kept kicking me out of ketosis.

pistachio crusted tilapia w. sweet kale salad:


bbq shrimp & cauliflower ‘grits’:


andddd i’ve also had my fair share of ‘treat’ meals. ¬†all along, i’ve mentioned i don’t want this experience to be just like every other attempt at weight loss. ¬†i’m trying to keep myself from binging on everything bad, so when i’m craving something, i’ll let myself have it. ¬†like chips and margaritas! ¬†& ice cream, obviously.


i’m still going to the gym regularly, which is great for me! ¬†i usually go 2-3 months, then get burned out and stop going. ¬†i had a little spout where i didn’t feel motivated, but i pushed through it and i average about 3-4 days in the gym, sometimes 5, but that’s definitely not always the case. ¬†i’m lifting heavy, incorporating a lot of superset/drop sets, and doing SOME cardio. not MUCH, but some! ¬†my workouts have been really intense with the new plan i’m doing, though, so i do keep my heart rate pretty high while lifting, so who needs cardio, right?

i can’t really think of anything else! ¬†fitness and eating, with work, take up a lot of my life right now! ¬†i’ll leave you with a picture of the baby, because i’m sure everyone would like to see his face versus mine any day.




hey y’all! i wont continue to apologize for sucking at posting. you get it at this point. ¬†not sure if anyone even actually reads this thing, but i figure i’ll post an update, anyways.

so! lap-band! ¬†i’m about 2.5 months post-op at this point. ¬†everything is going good, for the most part. ¬†i’ve had one fill so far (which is where the add restriction to the band, so it takes longer for food to pass through, making me fuller, longer). ¬†i had a check-up with my nurse practitioner a month later, July 14th, and she said i’ve been making such good progress, that i don’t need another fill for awhile. ¬†here’s the thing, while i’m happy that she’s happy with my progress, i feel like i’m struggling on a diet. ¬†i still dont feel much restriction as far as the band goes, but she assured me successful band patients don’t rely on the band to lose weight. ¬†but, wait? ¬†didn’t i have weight loss surgery to get HELP losing the weight? ¬†anyways..

oh, and weight loss? ¬†i’ve lost 48 pounds¬†since my highest. ¬†is it bad i’m not completely happy with this number? ¬†i weighed in at 284 day of surgery and was 255, today. i’m losing more than 2 lbs a week, which is great! ¬†but i want it to be more! ¬†i know, i sound bratty, so i’ll just stop. ¬†i just think of how much farther i have to go, instead of looking as how far i’ve come.

gym is going great! seriously! ¬†i dont hate working out, which says a lot for the girl who skipped the gym for a pint of ben and jerry’s alllllll last summer. ¬†barbara and i are good at pushing one another when one doesn’t feel like going. ¬†i’ve been trying to get up at 4:15am to knock out workouts in the morning, but that doesnt always happen, and we end up in a gym packed full of meatheads. ¬†seriously, we switched to a more affordable gym (we weren’t using the amenities at the more expensive one and their weight section sucked), and 5pm week days, you can’t move even though there’s so much equipment. ¬†plus, i love being able to get off work and if i want to go home and veg on the couch, i can without feeling guilty if i worked out at 5am.

my eating has been going pretty good. ¬†i’ve had 3 ‘cheat meals’ since surgery. ¬†i hate to call them cheats, because this is a lifestyle change, but my doctor has recommended i keep things low-carb, so i still feel like i’m on a ‘diet’ at this point. ¬†i went to a cook-out and grazed all day, ate buffalo wild wings, and had a piece of pizza w. some chips and dip. ¬†nothing too crazy, but i did feel guilt after all 3 occasions. ¬†for the most part, i don’t mind eating low-carb. ¬†i like a chipotle burrito bowl without the rice or a cheeseburger without the bun, but sometimes, i do miss bread or ice cream or cookies. ¬†ok, i’ll stop now, cause i’m making myself hungry. ¬†i have found that quest cookies & cream bars curb my sweet tooth, when i’m really craving something sweet. ¬†i cut down my intake of them, though, because it seemed to slow my weight loss for awhile, so now they are just a treat every once in awhile, instead of dessert every night.

other noteworthy items, lap-band related? ¬†i did experience my first real ‘stuck’ episode and it. was. horrible. ¬†getting¬†‘stuck’ with lap-band basically means food is stuck right at the stoma (where the band is placed/restricting) and it wont go up or down. ¬†this usually causes ‘sliming’ which is basically just excess saliva produced. ¬†the best way i can describe sliming is that feeling after taking one shot of alcohol too many and the back of your throat starts watering. ¬†well, for a second, i forgot i had the band and ate 2 small pieces of chicken too quick. ¬†and it happened. it got stuck. ¬†i was driving in the car and had to pull over to spit out the saliva i had in the back of my throat. ¬†then, i got to the destination, a car dealership, and ended up having to excuse myself in the middle of talking to the salesman, because i felt like i was going to throw up everywhere. ¬†i got to the bathroom and spit up some more saliva, and then all of a sudden, it went away. ¬†the chicken must have gone down, because i didn’t spit it back up. ¬†this may be wayyyy TMI, but it was an experience i don’t think i can forget for awhile. ¬†it reminded me to eat slow and CHEW. ¬†i’ve felt an uncomfortable tight feeling a few times, which i THOUGHT was being ‘stuck’, but i was SO wrong! ¬†moving on, i’m sure you know way more than you wanted to about that situation.

life outside of lap-band and exercising? ¬†is there one? ¬†just kidding, i’ve been enjoying life! ¬†hanging out with family and friends and feel like summer is just going WAY TO FAST! ¬†i’ve only had 1 weekend this summer where i had absolutely nothing to do, but i’m not complaining! plus, I GOT A PROMOTION! ¬†i went from general accounting to my agency’s budget accountant. ¬†yay, sounds so fun, right?! haha ¬†our current budget accountant is retiring, so for the next 6 months, i will be training with him, continuing my daily duties, and training my replacement. ¬†horray for 60-80 hour work weeks for the next few months. ¬†hopefully this will all be worth it in the end! ¬†luckily, i get my pay raise immediately, since i’ll be taking on so much more.

so, that’s my life lately. ¬†i’ll leave you with a before and after i put together yesterday:





life, lately.

hey guys! ¬†hopefully you remember me! ¬†i would say sorry for not posting so often, but i’m not. ¬†i’m living my life and enjoying every second of it. ¬†i’ll give you a quick recap of how life has been the last couple of weeks!


30 lbs down!

life with my LAP-BAND has been great, so far! ¬†i have no complaints and my doctor thinks i’m doing very well! ¬†at this point, i’ve lost 34 lbs, and i’m sure plenty of inches (i need to measure myself, soon!). ¬†clothes are getting looser and i don’t feel awful in my skin anymore. ¬†it’s hard to keep perspective, sometimes, since i still have about 95 lbs until my first ‘goal’ weight, but the other day, when i was using 2, 15 lb dumbbells, i realized that was how much i lost so far. i really need to appreciate every pound i lose, as i lose it!


284 vs 272

i’ve been working out 5 days a week! ¬†i really don’t know who i am anymore! ¬†i had zero motivation to go to the gym for the last year and half or so, but i really have this spark right now and i’m pushing it as far as it will go! ¬†my workouts consist of lifting 5x/week ¬†(arms+shoulders, chest+back, and legs alternating throughout the week) and cardio 3x/week. ¬†i like to keep cardio short and sweet, so i’ve been trying my best to incorporate Body-for-Life HIIT routines in there. ¬†i can feel gains in my strength AND endurance, so it’s a nice feeling.


my go-to pre-workout

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

barbell chest press

i’ve also been trying to get my 10,000 steps in a day, with my FitBit, but it’s HARD! ¬†i walk a mile at 10am with a co-worker, but even with those steps, on days where i don’t do cardio, i’m only getting 6-7,000 steps. ¬†i need to get better at walking around the office. ¬†i get so busy, sometimes, i’ll only get up twice to use the bathroom and fill up my water!

food intake has been good, as well! ¬†i’m getting my proteins in first, then veggies. ¬†i haven’t been consuming many carbs because 1. ¬†i don’t really have room and 2. ¬†they seem to be a problem with most banders, so i’m holding off on them for awhile. ¬†i’d like to get closer to goal before i start introducing them back into my diet.


chipotle bowl (just barbacoa, sour cream, cheese & lettuce)

the hardest part of this journey so far, is LISTENING TO MY BODY. ¬†some days i feel SO HUNGRY, and after 4 bites, i feel full. ¬†i want to continue to eat, because i convince myself that there is NO WAY those little bites of food have made me full, but they do! ¬†if i feel hungry at work, i’ll pop in a piece of gum, and if i’m still hungry after 20 minutes, i’ll let myself eat a snack, if i’m not, i’ll continue chewing my gum and drinking my water. ¬†i had my first fill wednesday and know that now it’s more important than ever that i start measuring my food to 1/2 cup portions. ¬†i don’t want to risk stretching my pouch and ruining everything i’ve gone through over the last year because i was being mindless.


snack: 1/4 cup of mixed nuts


tuna salad + pork rinds

and yes, i had my first fill! ¬†and it wasn’t that bad! so, i’m a really big baby when it comes to needles. ¬†why i decided to get the weight loss surgery that included needles is beyond me, but i did good! ¬†i went into the hospital and checked-in. ¬†about an hour of waiting later, they were ready for my fill. ¬†my doctor does all fills under fluoroscopy, which is basically just a real-time x-ray. ¬†they insert the needle into the port, remove all the fluid, then insert however many CCs of saline they decide on, depending on how much restriction you need. ¬†this is followed by a barium solution (to show contrast) to see how much restriction there really is. ¬†well, while this was going on, they realized the needle they had inserted had a crack in it, so they had to insert another needle. ¬†after that, everything went fine, and i now have 4.4cc’s in my band.

after a fill, your stomach can swell where the band is attached, so my doctor put me on 2 days of full liquids, 2 days of soft foods, then back to solid food again, being careful to not get anything stuck! ¬†today was day 1 of soft foods and my 1 egg + 1 egg white, which i could only eat 4 bites of, has already kept me full for 2 hours at this point, so i’d like to think i can feel the restriction from the fill.

photo16post fill, liquid phase:  cream of chicken soup mixed + broth + unjury chicken soup protein


post fill, soft food phase:  scrambled egg w. cheese & ketchup

so, i’m sure i’ve bored you enough by now! ¬†this has been my life, lately. ¬†wake-up, work, workout, cook dinner (& lunch for tomorrow), watch a show or two on tv, then pass out. ¬†i don’t hate it. ¬†i feel great and my attitude has been amazing, so no complaints here ūüôā

Q: what have you been up to lately?



change of plans

hey guys! happy wednesday. i officially hate the term ‘hump day’ because the guy at the front desk of my gym repeats the geico commercial word for word EVERY WEDNESDAY i walk into the gym, usually at 5:00am when i have no patience for anyone.¬† so, needless to say, i no longer enjoy referring to wednesday as hump day. moving on..

this post will probably be mostly words and i apologize for that in advance.

i had my appointment with the surgeon at St. Mary’s hospital at 11:30 friday morning.¬† i got to the office early, filled out my paperwork and waited until the doctor was ready.¬† when i was finally called back, they took my weight, blood pressure, temp, etc and then, i was finally placed in the examining room.¬† the nurse asked what surgery i was considering, and she noted it on my chart.

*i will clarify that when i first saw the nurse practitioner last january, the only surgery we discussed was the lap-band, because that’s the only surgery i was comfortable with.¬† its the least invasive of the 3, and the one i felt most i could do the best with.*

the doctor walked in and¬†wasn’t even¬†sitting down before he told me that i wasn’t a good candidate for the lap-band.¬† stating my BMI was WAY TO HIGH to be considered.¬† he would only give the lap-band to a patient with a BMI of 45 and lower.¬† NEWS FLASH, doc, my BMI is 46 and i’m only 7 pounds away from 44.9, so you’re being a bit dramatic.¬† he went on to say, i would only lose 30 pounds, but i’d never be successful like sleeve and gastric bypass patients.¬† after he was done telling me how bad i was going to fail¬†with the lap-band, he refused to treat me and referred me to his colleague, Dr. Carmody, who i could meet with at 3:00pm that afternoon.

after feeling so defeated, i left the office crying and second guessing everything i was so sure of for the past 13 months.¬† i KNEW this was the right surgery for me.¬† i didn’t want 3/4 of my stomach to be removed.¬† i didn’t want to constantly worry about malnutrition or if i didn’t get the right vitamins in, worry about losing my hair.¬† then i thought, maybe this guy IS right.¬† maybe i’m too fat for the lap-band.¬† maybe the sleeve is the only thing that will help me lose this 130 pounds i want to lose.¬† maybe i’m being na√Įve in my decision and should just go ahead and get the sleeve.

by the time i got back to the doctor, i wasn’t sure what i want at this point.¬† i was scared, nervous, and confused.¬† when i finally got called back, 50 minutes later, i wasn’t sure what this doctor was going to tell me.¬† luckily, it was everything i NEEDED to hear.¬† after a few minutes of talking to me about my past diet attempts and current eating habits, he thought i was¬†a perfect fit for the lap-band.¬† he said with me being young, active, and a generally clean eater, i would be very successful with the band.¬† it was like i could finally breath again, and hearing that someone believed in me¬†was the boost i needed.¬† i should get a surgery date within the next 2 weeks, where i’ll be put on a pre-op diet consisting of not that much.

i’m SO HAPPY the first doctor turned out to be a dick, because i really feel like my current doctor is the perfect fit.¬† i do understand where the other doctor was coming from, even though i don’t agree with it.¬† lap-band patients tend to lose less weight at a slower pace than sleeve and bypass patients do.¬† these numbers reflect poorly on the surgeon and drop his stats.¬† aftercare cost and time (because of fills) is also a burden on the surgeon has to deal with.¬† not that i think any surgery is an easy decision or the ‘easy way out’, but i think it takes a little more work throughout the whole process to get good result with lap-band.¬† just my opinion though.

im using the band as a tool.¬† i don’t mind working out and i actually love eating clean (with the occasional splurge out to eat), but even with all i did this year to change my diet and exercise, it still wasn’t enough.¬† i¬†don’t want to feel like the only way i can lose weight is by not eating carbs.¬† i want to be able to take a bite of bread, but have that be enough to satisfy me.

i’m going to make this work.. and i cant wait to see how far i take it!¬† then, i can shove my weight loss in the other surgeons face and say F YOU.

that’s enough words for the day.¬† i hope you all have a great day!