so, i’m not sure why i put an exclamation in that title, because, so far whole30 is anything but fun! actually, the first 2 days were fairly easy, but day 3 has been killer, which i was definitely prepared for.

anyways, lets back up a little so i can explain what whole30 actually is..  there is SOOO much information on the website, so if you want to read up on it, feel free! the gist of it, its a whole foods diet, where you are encouraged to eat organic, farm-raised cuts of protein.. fresh, organic veggies.. and some fresh, organic fruit.  you can also have oils, clarified butter, and nuts.  SO, basically, it’s a low carb diet, that adds back fruit and removes dairy.  yes, no dairy allowed. which means no cheese. which means not the happiest betty.

i wish i had taken a picture of my grocery store haul, but i put it away as soon as we got to the house.  we visited 3 different grocery stores and spent about $200 on about 1.5-2 weeks (give or take) worth of food, which i’m really happy with, because we sometimes spend that much on junk.  i got some great cuts of meat and completely organic fruits and veggies and i know those come with a price tag. so!  where we went and what we got:

  • whole foods:
    • fruits//veggies (all organic): peaches, braeburn apples, spring mix, squash, asparagus, sweet potatoes, onions, avocados
    • meats (all organic): spinach/mushroom chicken sausages, apple chicken sausages, pesto chicken sausages, prosciutto (2), paleo bacon (2), turkey hot dogs
    • misc: diced tomatoes, tomato puree, almond butter made from almonds only, kombucha
  • trader joes:
    • rack of lamb, chile lime burgers, coconut cream, plantain chips, guacamole, roasted cauliflower, frozen green beans, frozen stir fry veggies, salsa, salsa verde, dried mango
  • costco:
    • bagged cauliflower (3), mini peppers, organic ground beef, organic chicken breast, shrimp

i’m sure i’m missing plenty of items, i’ll make sure to take a picture of my haul next time.  sorry guys!  as far as meal planning goes, i’m trying to take it one day at a time.  i like my food prepared fresh, when possible, so making 5 meals ahead of time, usually doesn’t work for us.  i make breakfast fresh in the morning, lunch is either cooked the night before or leftovers from dinner, and dinner is almost always cooked fresh.  i know, i’ve only been doing this 3 days, so saying ‘always’ doesn’t really make sense, but this is the process i use normally even not on whole30.

so, my first three days, as summarized by these pictures which i am also documenting on instagram:

day 1:

  1. eggs cooked in ghee. crispy prosciutto. 1/2 peach.
  2. crockpot chicken (2 chicken breasts + 1 can of TJs salsa verde = slow cooked all night). 3 mini peppers. plantain chips. guacamole.
  3. rack of lamb.  spring mix salad with “dump ranch“. cauli mash but i substituted ghee (clarified butter) for the cream and butter and it turned out great!


cravings//feelings: i started whole30 off pretty strong.  no real cravings.  i had become dependent on water enhancers to get my gallon of water in, so that was a little rough, but i got my 120oz in.  other than that, nothing to complain about!

day 2:

  1.  spinach/mushroom/chicken sausage and 1 scrambled egg.  peaches wrapped in prosciutto and pan fried in coconut oil.
  2. 1/2 roasted sweet potato and onions.  TJs chili lime burger. 2 mini peppers.  1/4 avocado.
  3. spinach, onion, cucumber salad with dump ranch.  organic ground beef mixed with diced tomatoes and 1/2 can of tomato puree.


cravings//feelings: day two was HARD.  i got out of work almost 3 hours later than normal and was RAVENOUS.  i told barbara we were going to chipotle for dinner, but we walked up, and the only thing we could have (carnitas) was out.  we turned back around, hopped in the car and headed home.  i was pissed, but i’m glad i made my meal at home.  barbara said it was better than chipotle would have been.  plus, i didnt have to worry about a main course for lunch the next day. my water intake was good again.  i also split an apple (i had 3 slices) and some almond butter with barbara.

she is doing whole30 with me, and yes, its safe even though shes pregnant.  its a whole foods diet, it can only help her pregnancy.  she hasn’t had many cravings, and wants to be supportive, so she’s trying it along with me!

day 3: 

  1. same as day2: spinach/mushroom/chicken sausage and 2 scrambled eggs and extra spinach.  peaches wrapped in prosciutto and pan fried in coconut oil.
  2. ground beef mixed from last night.  roasted squash and onions. 2 mini peppers. guacamole.
  3. not yet made, but recycled picture:  yuca flour coated chicken and cauli mash.


cravings//feelings: worst day yet. i was expecting 3-5 to be the worst days, and i was right.  i want to cheat even though my stomach feels great and so does the rest of my body.  i accidentally weighed myself (a no-no on the plan) and had already lost 6 lbs by this morning, which means i’ve already dropped a lot of bloat and water weight.  i know this is going to be good for me and its breaking me of bad habits i’ve picked up over the last few months, BUT ITS HARD.  i think the only thing keeping me from getting headaches is the bulletproof coffee i’ve been drinking and the fact that i’m allowed fruit, so i’m not having real sugar cravings.

so!  that’s how everything is going so far!  i’ll be sure to check back in every few days to let you know how i’m doing.  i plan on doing this for 27 days, i know shame on me, but i know i wont stick to plan when i’m in florida at a conference, so i’m not even going to try and fool myself.

hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

baby post: gender reveal and nursery planning

hey guys!  last time we talked, i gave you a brief life update on life, baby, and weight loss. today is going to be very BABY focused!

gender reveal:

so tuesday afternoon, we headed to a 3rd party ultrasound facility to get a gender scan and 3D/4D ultrasound.  we announced before that we wanted the gender to be a secret, so the tech found out the sex privately, then turned on the screen to let us see our sweet little baby!  the ultrasound lasted about 10 minutes and baby wasn’t very active and seemed to be sleeping, so it wasn’t very eventful!

we handed the envelope, sealed by the facility, to barbara’s friend, and from there she planned a small gender reveal party based on the what was in the envelope!

here’s a quick background on me.  I HATE SURPRISES.  like, barbara has rarely gotten a gift on christmas, because i always make her open them early.  so this two days was TORTURE.

we were totally sure torin was a boy.  barbara had a dream and i had a hunch.  even a girl at barbara’s office, who has never guessed a gender wrong, guessed boy.  WE WERE CONVINCED!

so, thursday rolled around, nothing was achieved at work because all i could think of was the balloons flying out of the box, and then we arrived at the location to get some pictures taken by a friend.  they turned out amazing and i cannot wait to see the entire set!  at 7:30pm, everyone had arrived, so we quickly took the ‘team pink’ and ‘team blue’ photos, then opened the box.  this is where i got a very strong feeling.. as soon as i started to rip back the tape on the box, i KNEW the balloons were going to be PINK. and guess what, THEY WERE!  so, thursday night, we were able to announce the arrival of Torin Kenley Mullins.


torin was a name we’ve loved for YEARS.  we were watching winter x-games, and a men’s skier came on with the name torin.  we both fell in love and knew that it would be our first child’s name, regardless of gender.  we think girls with masculine or just gender-neutral names are the cutest, so it worked out great.  kenley, is derived from kenneth, barbara’s dad’s middle name.  he’s doing a great job at battling stage 4 prostate and bone cancer and we knew he deserved a little tribute. THEN, on the way to dinner that night, barbara mentioned maybe adding a 2nd middle name.. she has 2 middle names “anne” and “jacqueline”  and wanted to be able to show her mom a tribute, so we added “annette” , her mom’s middle name, to torin kenley.  SO, our sweet baby’s name is torin kenley annette mullins.  i think for the most part, she will just be torin and torin kenley when i yell at her as she gets older and into things :)

now for the fun stuff!  nursery planning(!!!):

we knew if we were going to have a girl, we wanted pink and sparkles and all that jazz.  now it was just narrowing down how to mesh all that together.  after a quick search into pinterest, i found our colors: pink, peach, gold, and sea foam.  on top of that, i wanted to keep some gray in the room and add some floral.

color inspo

after we narrowed down the colors, a few quick pinterest searches later, i found some room inspirations i could play off of!

gray with pink tassles

love the tassels and floral above. (source)

pink gold gray

love the gold decals on the gray wall above.  (the link was broken on pinterest, so no source)

teal tassles modern crib

love the modern crib and teal/blue tassels. (the link was broken on pinterest, so no source)

we knew what crib we wanted thanks to young house love and their researched back in the day. luckily, the crib they bought was still available at walmart, and the price was too good to be true.  we also wanted a simple, clean, white dresser to go with it, so we decided with ikea.  we have the same dresser in our guest bedroom, in gray, so it was an easy decision.





so we had an even BETTER idea of what we wanted at this point.  then it was time to create some kind of inspiration/mood board that we could piece things together to see if they meshed well.  so, here are a few fabric combinations i found via etsy:


(+ signs | gold deer | polka dots | floral)

and here are a few accessories i thought would mix well with everything:

accessories 1

( cart | dream catcher/mobile | floral deer head )

accessories 2

( storage box | potential dresser pulls | floral print | tassels )

so, that’s where my head is going with the nursery.  first thing we have to do it rip up and replace the carpet in the room and rip up the carpert in the hallway and put wood floors down.  the previous owner’s dog wreaked HAVOC on the carpet upstairs.  we also want to change out the ceiling fan with something a little more modern and replace the fire detector with a new Nest one.  yikes, so much to do before january!  i know once we have everything, it’ll come together quick, but its rounding everything up and getting those floors laid and walls painted!

a few people had mentioned a ‘virtual baby shower’ and i talked it over with barbara.  we’re overwhelmed with the amount of support we’ve received with this sweet little baby and have decided to try it out!  i’m going to open up a PO Box and will post about all the stuff later in the year.  it’s seriously amazing to see how much people want to support us, and it doesn’t go unnoticed, that’s for sure!

details will follow!!  currently, we’re registered at babylistregistry.com & babies r us!

hope everyone has a great week!  mine’s going to be crazy, so i’m enjoying the slow time, now!

crab wasabi deviled eggs

hey guys! i came back, as promised, recipe and all!  so, these eggs are a great variation of your normal deviled eggs.  they’re always a hit at parties and even perfect for snacks at work.  they’re great for a low carb or ketogenic diet, as well, since one egg has less than 1 carb per serving!  so, enough talking, lets get into the details of these easy to make eggs!

eggs title

crab wasabi devlied eggs

serves six


  • 6 eggs
  • 8 oz of lump crab meat
  • 1-3T mayonnaise or mayonnaise substitute
  • 1-5t wasabi paste
  • salt & pepper (to taste)
  • smoked paprika (to garnish)


  1. boil eggs until hard. (this is the hardest part, in my opinion, only because i’m awful at boiling eggs) i bought this “egg perfect eggtimer” from amazon last week and i have to say, i’m pretty impressed.  i still set my timer on oven, but i’m also able to check the egg timer to make sure the eggs are actually fully cooked. it reacts to heat just as an egg does, so its able to show you when eggs are soft, medium, and hard boiled!  OK, enough about my egg timer, boil your eggs until they are hard.
  2. peel eggs, cut in half, and remove yolks. set aside 2 yolks (i only used two out of the six yolks for this recipe, but you can use as little or as many as you would like)  this recipe is pretty much all “to taste”, i think. i gave the rest of the yolks to the dogs.. they loved it.
  3. set aside boiled egg whites on a plate.
  4. in a bowl, mix together two hard boiled yolks, 8 oz. of crab meat, 1-2T of mayo, a pinch of salt, and 1t of wasabi.  mix together and taste as you go.  this is where you may add more wasabi and salt depending on your taste.  i think altogether, i mixed in about 4-5 teaspoons of paste.  i’m very sensitive to wasabi, although i like a little kick, so again, add more or less depending on your spice tolerance.
  5. once you are done with you mixture and its completely incorporated, spoon into the egg whites that were set aside.  i tried to fill them completely up, but i did have some mixture leftover that wouldn’t fit.
  6. sprinkle some smoked paprika onto the eggs for garnish.
  7. eat and enjoy!

eggs ingredients

egg perfect eggtimer:eggs in pot

awful lighting.. sorry!
egg mixturefinished product: close up eggs

and here are the nutrition facts!  i just plugged all of the ingredients used into myfitnesspal.  the stats fit my low carb lifestyle perfect!   nutrition

let me know if you end up making these!  i always love to hear feedback about recipes!

5 months later..

oh hi! remember me? (i feel like i always start blog posts like this because i’m awful at checking in)

lets catch up, shall we?

work: work has been k i l l i n g me, lately.  i knew my promotion to budget accountant was going to be a big step, but i didn’t realize QUITE how much more work was going to involved.  in the last 4 months, i’ve been working weekends, anywhere from 6am-6/7pm, coming home, eating dinner, then working some more.  its been stressful, but the brunt of the work is over, for awhile at least, so i’m breathing easy and trying to take some days off for mental health.

personal life: did i mention i’m gonna be a momma?  EEEEEEEK!  i want to scream i’m so happy! barbara was officially 15 weeks pregnant this past saturday! she has a little bump and its the cutest thing i’ve ever seen.  i even got to feel a few flutters saturday night!  her first trimester was KILLER.  she had all-day sickness (not just morning) and had tons of food aversions.  no weird cravings as of yet, really.  the second trimester has been going good, so far!  shes tired a lot, but i don’t blame her, SHE’S GROWING A HUMAN.  she said the baby hates showers (he/she starts to kick and move around a lot as soon as the water hits her belly) and LOVES dessert :) we already have names picked out, the initials will be T K M regardless of gender, and we’re using the same first name either way, just the middle name will change.  our next appointment is august 10th, so hopefully we will find out the sex of the baby then!  her due date is january 16, 2016 which is only a few days before her birthday on the 22nd!

also, i always thought it was so annoying when people would say they were “however many weeks pregnant” because then i would have to sit there and figure out how many months, but so much changes week to week, i get it now!  whoops!

baby! baby


weight loss/banded life:  weight loss has been sloooooow, which i’m totally OK with since work has been SUPER stressful.  i’d rather maintain than gain, obviously, so the fact that my weight hasn’t changed much is fine with me.  with long work hours, i used the excuse that i was too tired or didn’t have time to workout.. i’m not mad at myself, i just know my body could have been a lot farther than it is right now if i had stuck with it.  my weight fluctuates anywhere from 226-231 depending on the time of day and time of month, currently. but, i have lost a pant size and now wear a size 14! i haven’t been able to say that since high school!  my eating has been less than stellar, but as soon as i ‘slip up’ or let myself indulge, i try to get back on track and start fresh.  i have to say, i’m in SUCH an AMAZING place mentally these days.  my urges to binge have been non-existent lately, even with the life stresses and i think that speaks volumes.  i’m excited at how much progress i’ve made mentally over the last few months, which i think, is even better than the physical.

i had a few issues with my band, which i talked about on instagram a little.  my band was getting to be SO TIGHT that i couldn’t eat real food, only soft food like applesauce and soups/protein shakes. i went to my doctor and had everything checked out.  come to find out, it was just stress that was causing the issues and there was nothing wrong with my actual band placement or anything.  she did take the little-est bit of liquid out just to help with getting food down and i already feel ten times better!

here is an updated before and during:

before and after


i’m happy with where i’m at, but i would also like to see what else i can accomplish.  i’m currently considering a whole30 in september just to see how my body reacts without dairy and added/fake sugars, since that’s the only thing that keeps the majority of my diet from being strict paleo/whole30 compliant!  i know quite a few people who have done amazing with the program and seem to really enjoy it, so its a serious possibility.. but… i love cheese. haha

anyways, sorry for being so off and on with this blogging thing!  i’m going to truly make a point to blog at least weekly, even if its just saying hi and sharing some pictures from my day!  i’ll be stopping back in tonight or tomorrow to share a recipe that i plan on making tonight!  so stay tuned!

life update

GUYS! its been too long!

life has been chugging along, some good, some bad, but i’m still focusing on me to make sure i don’t let all of this hard work slip down the drain.


my last post was in NOVEMBER?!  man, the holidays got the best of me.  barbara and i got married, went to mexico, and are now in the process of trying to start our family.  we’ve had some hiccups happen, but its nothing that is going to stop us from bringing a child into this world.

i’m still incredibly terrified of small, ‘fresh’, babies but i know that will change once it is my own child in my hands.

in january, i finally transitioned to my new role as budget accountant.  this transition has been the main reason i’ve been so distant from my blog.  instagramming little bits and pieces of my day is easy, but sitting down and writing a post takes a little more time and effort.  this position definitely has its peaks and valleys as far as work load go, but i love the new work.  i was SO BORED in my other position with all the repetitiveness, and this position switches it up perfectly.

i’m going to chicago next week! its for business (boo), but it’ll be nice to get out and travel some.  hopefully i don’t freeze to death up there!  i think virginia weather has been cold enough it wont be too much of a shock to my system.


my lapband is still doing its job!  while i haven’t lost much since november, pounds-wise, my clothes have become a little looser, which is all that matters, right?  i’ve never NOT gained during the holidays, so to maintain was a huge accomplishment in my book, because i will admit: i definitely indulged.

between work stress/working long hours/super emotional personal struggle my band got SO TIGHT 2-3 weeks ago that i had to cut it back to liquids for a few days so my band could take a break.  i was on full liquids (cream soups, yogurts, pudding, broths, etc) for 5 or 6 days, then slowly transitioned back into soft foods, then normal solids.  while it wasn’t the most pleasant situation, it was much needed and i feel a lot better now.

i was suppose to have a fill this monday, but i cancelled the appointment since i’ll be busy at work getting ready for chicago.  i’m not sure if my doctor will give me another fill since my episode, but i guess i’ll see when i go back march 17th.  i haven’t had a fill since august, so too much liquid in my band shouldn’t be the case and most of the time, i don’t feel restriction like i think i need, i just think all of life’s stresses caught up to me and it made for a not so fun band experience.

i’ll keep you all updated on that one!


i’m still low carbing it as of right now, but my body is craving changed. i’ve taken some serious thought into how to make this a smooth transition without my triggers coming back full force. i’ve been considering going back to body-for-life eating (i documented it before) which is basically balanced intake: 40% carbs, 40% protein, 20% healthy fats.  i also want to keep the foods i eat as non-processed as possible, sticking to carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, berries, and things like that. breads and other processed carbs are hard on my digestion.

i know its possible to lose weight while eating carbs, they just scare me.  i don’t even mean that in a joking manner.. i’ve never known how to limit myself on carbs/sugars, which is why low carb usually works for me.  i completely restrict them so im not even tempted to eat them.. but then i get bored.. and eat some dessert.. and you know the drill. i can feel little ‘cheats’ creeping in a little too much which is why i know i need a change.

i’m currently doing an advocare cleanse to give my body a little boost, so i’m going to try to make this transition while cleansing/after the cleanse.  again, i’ll keep you updated!


eh. not much to report on here.. i’ve been attempting but getting 2 days, AT BEST, a week.  i definitely want to get back into the gym more because my body is starting to feel soft, which i hate.  i have a great plan to follow so i just need to get on it!  i didn’t lose 75 lbs to stop at this.  i still have my dream body to sculpt here!


here’s what about 75lbs down looks like:

photo 1 photo 2


i’m feeling better about myself every day and want to continue to do so.  this is the longest i’ve stuck with a weight loss journey and i want to make it work.  i’ve had a lot of curve balls thrown my way recently and i haven’t fallen off track like i normally would, so i’m taking that as a good sign.. and honestly, if i stayed at this weight (230 pounds) for the rest of my life, i wouldn’t be mad.  i love my body right now, i just want it to be a little tighter.  i don’t want abs or a thigh gap or whatever, but i want to be able to lift heavy weights and see some muscle definition in my arms and legs.


soooo.. that’s all i have for you today, folks!  hope you enjoyed my update and i hope i wont take so long to post next time!

low carb green bean casserole

hey guys!  just dropping in today with a quick recipe!  this one is one of my favorites and defintely makes an appearance at least once a week!  its also a PERFECT low-carb dish for thanksgiving tomorrow!  i plan to stay low-carb this thanksgiving, sticking with turkey, mashed cauliflower, and this green bean casserole.  i will have to stay away from my favorite: stuffing, but that’s the only food that is hard to resist for me this holiday.

so, this recipe is from my dad.  he doesn’t really have step-by-step recipes, just throws some stuff in a dish or pan and calls it good.  i’m finding out i’m the same way, so if your measurements don’t work out, its because i’m guesstimating here, but if its too soupy, just bake it a little longer (that always works for me :) )




low carb green bean casserole


  • 2 cans of french cut green beans (can use different style, but these are my favorite)
  • 1 cup of heavy cream or half and half
  • 1 packet of Lipton Onion Soup Mix
  • 2 T butter
  • 1/2-1 cup of French’s Fried Onion Toppers


  1. pre-heat oven to ~375*.
  2. in a sauce pan, over medium/high heat, melt butter.
  3. once butter starts to melt, add Lipton Onion Soup Mix and whisk until combined with butter.
  4. add in heavy cream and whisk for about 2-3 minutes.  at this point, the mixture should start to become pretty thick, like a gravy.
  5. place green beans in a small casserole dish.
  6. add thickened mixture to green beans and mix well.
  7. bake for about 10-15 mins, or until green beans are heated through and no longer soupy.
  8. remove casserole from oven and top with fried onions, then place back in oven for about 3-5 minutes, or just long enough for them to get crispy.
  9. remove and enjoy!


hope you all like this recipe!  its a perfect addition to your thanksgiving dinner menu!  if you make it, let me know how you like it and tag me in your pictures on instagram!  i love seeing people make my dishes!




easy mashed cauliflower recipe

hey guys!  hope everything is going well! i wanted to pop in today with a quick recipe since, when i post pictures of my food, especially my mashed cauliflower, on my IG page (thesweatybetty) i get tons of questions of how i make it and what i top it with.

i may start doing this more often, since i can answer a lot of questions all at once, and its easier than being confined to an iphone screen!  so!  if you have any other recipes you would like me to share, let me know, and i’d be more than happy share!

mashed cauli23


  • 1 head of cauliflower
  • milk of choice (almond/skim/heavy cream)
  • laughing cow cheese OR butter OR both! (optional)
  • toppings of choice (more butter, blue cheese, cheddar cheese, bacon bits..)
  • salt & pepper to taste


  1. steam the whole head of cauliflower however you choose to steam it.  i have a pampered chef microwave steamer that works great for this purpose.
  2. while cauliflower is steaming, get out your blender, i use my vitamix, and add 2-3T of your milk and 1-2T of butter OR 1-2 wedges of laughing cow.  (i never add the same amount of anything, and i actually never measure my milk, i just know that a little goes a long way, since cauliflower has so much moisture)
  3. when cauliflower is done steaming and fork tender, add to the blender and blend away!  this is where i’ve realized a little liquid goes a long way.  many times, i’ve ended up with cauliflower soup, because i added too much liquid.  i recommend starting with a little bit, and working your way up, versus too much in the beginning!
  4. keep blending until desired consistency.  (i blended longer than i thought i should have a few times back, and ended up with the creamy, velvety cauliflower puree i cannot get enough of!)

the length of my blending depends, somewhat, on what i’m making with my cauliflower.  if i’m making my imitation ‘shrimp & grits’ i leave it a little less blended with less or no liquid, for a texture that closely resembles grits.  when i make it as a side to lamb chops (pictured below) or steak, i blend a little longer for a creamy texture that closely resembles creamy/mashed potatoes.

mashed cauli

the toppings are also endless!  i LOVE mine with blue cheese, or maybe i just love blue cheese? who cares. i love them with blue cheese.  you could also sprinkle some cheddar cheese if you’re not a blue cheese fan.  you could add a little extra butter if you want to.  bacon goes well with just about anything, so why not add it to this mash?  or add butter, sour cream, cheese, AND bacon for a load mashed potato which has a little less guilt, since you’re not eating the potatoes, or if you are following a ketogenic diet like me!

my main suggestion is to just play with it!  like i’ve said, i played with my measurements until i found a mixture that i loved.  it took quit a few cauliflower soups before i found out the ratios that i liked. start out less (milk/butter) and add more if you think it needs it, if it still seams chunky and dry, add a little more at a time, and blend longer than you think it needs!

if you have any of questions, let me know!  hopefully this helps some people!